The Systems to Passive Income

So if we were now to think about Financial progression.

“People say if it was that easy to make money online, then why isn’t everyone doing it” Well thats because everyone thinks that if it was so easy, then everyone would be doing it, so in the long run, majority of people are not doing it. BUT there is a lot of people that are doing it, that are into investing and creating passive income.

It is very easy and simple to do, you just have to DO IT. 99% of failures tend to be from procrastination. If you want to succeed at anything, you have to do it, right? If you don’t do it, how can you ever succeed? Now I have succeed financially and physically, I have won countless Martial Arts competitions, k1, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA etc, and one component that helped me succeed for both my physical and financial ambitions, was doing it in the first place. And setting priorties, if scrolling on facebook or going out for drinks with your mates is a higher priorty then your financial well being, then you will inevitably be spending a lot more time scrolling facebook or having drinks with your friends then becoming more wealthly. Time managment plays a HUGE part in success.

Okay so here is 2 basic systems that is perfect to start with, very easy, not time consuming at all, and you can progress with it anywhere. AND, the greatest thing is that we are here to help you with it. We can supply you with a plan, marketing tips, previous webpages and sales funnels that we have created. we give you very descriptive guidelines on how we are making our income. Whenever you need us, we are an email away with loads of info!

Click here for the >>Lead Lightning<< system, which is an extremely powerful marketing product, that will help you obtain 1000’s of prospects, and turn every single one of them into buyers, it is THE most effective marketing system out there, that you also use to gain residential commissions. And you have the option to upgrade to receive the PowerLead system which is so much more Powerful, you can create Sales Funnels, Emailing Campaigns, Emailing Templates, Webpages, Lead Capture pages, Virtual Media Messaging, Online and offline traffic generation and so much more! You won’t have to upgrade to Gold Member, but it is a recommendation.

Here is another link To view The PLS

And here is a pic of a weekly payment12208533_1080886975256236_6283787388049516573_n


Now, we will need to introduce to you, to the Traffic exchange, something that will be sending thousands of traffic to anyone of your sites, businesses or webpages. What we do is we use Traffic Monsoon to send all of our traffic to The Power Lead System.  Now Traffic Monsoon is a traffic exchange with rev share program, so you get paid every day for how many active sharing positions you have “Ad packs” If you have 500 active sharing positions, you will receive 500 dollars per day, if you have 1500 Ad packs, you will receive 1500 dollars per day. The more active ad packs you have, the more traffic you will be directing to any one of your businesses/campaigns.

12241090_1645252479088045_7719826701203856782_oTo keep your ad packs active, every 24 hours you will need to surf the web with the given link and watch up to 10 ads, and that will allow you to create an open sharing position for 24 hours, where all of your active ad packs will generate revenue. Each ad that you are surfing is 20 seconds long. So you will be spending approximately 3 minutes a day to open up your sharing position.

You have many other ways of directing traffic other than Banner campaigns. And banner campaigns is basically what i just described to you. Using the active ad packs to send traffic.

Now there are also Traffic Monsoon packages which send traffic outside of Traffic Monsoon to your webpages or businesses. There are cash links and many other great methods from Traffic Monsoon,  that literally send 1000’s of people to your business.

Here are 2 links on Traffic Monsoon:

And click on here for the Sign up Link to >>Traffic Monsoon<<

Here is some withdrawal requests


AND! We are using clicks from Udimi, now I know people are afraid of spending money, but as I have said before, in order to create money, you need to spend it. If you dont pay the price you need to pay in order to succeed, don’t expect to see results. Time and effort is an important factor in aggrandising with anything.

So once you have your Power Lead System and Traffic Monsoon, you will need to create some lead capture pages or webpages, or if you are with our team you can use the ones we have already created. Once you have created a webpage or lead capture page, on PLS, you then go onto TM (Traffic Monsoon) Click onto ‘My banners’ The click on ‘setup new banner ad’ select banner size, choose a banner imagine from google that you would like to use, by typing in “Work from home banner ads” And selecting the URL. Put your webpage or Sales funnel into the target link. And create campaign name. Then you will need to purchase ad packs which will increase traffic generation to that webpage or sales funnel you are using.

Once that is done, you can go look at Udimi for purchasing clicks onto you sales funnel, but you will need to create and email, sending it to some of the seller’s contact lists. Once you are generating enough money from traffic monsoon, I would recommend using the profits Traffic Monsoon to purchase clicks from Udimi, to get loads more opt in’s, sign ups, sales and etc.

I will be creating more videos on how to exactly do each step, very soon. Wait for more constant updates and more info!

These programs are truly amazing! And these successes can very possibly be yours too!

Email me on for guidance or any questions.

Make the difference you want in your life. The power for change is in your hands.