The Awakening Project Guide

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This Guide is not for reading to just pass time. This guide has vital information that YOU as the reader will be able to use and apply to your life to live the life you have literally always dreamed of.

This guide teaches about new found universal laws and information that will start to explain and allow you to understand how you can manipulate your life to work for you and to provide you with success in all ways.

This guide offers you the first few steps along a very exciting and previously unbelievable journey.

Once you have read this guide you will have a greater understanding of how things work and why they work like this. You will find that your life becomes more controllable and enjoyable.

This guide offers you a very special opportunity. An opportunity that was not supposed to be given to us.

For the greater good of mankind this guide was created. To allow everyone a fighting chance toward achieving personal fulfilment and success.


The universe offers us great amounts of prosperity, abundance and opportunity. We just have to learn about these aspects and apply them correctly to our everyday lives.


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