Step by Step Guide to Passive Income

So this is the Step by Step Guide to Passive Income, which will be constantly updated throughout time.


First things first, once you have signed up for free on >Traffic Monsoon < And for only $7 the >Lead Lightning< system, you will then purchase active sharing positions on TM (Traffic Monsoon) which give you daily revenue and as well as bring traffic to anyone of your businesses that are placed in the target link. You can purchase as many ad packs as you like, I started off with buying 10, the more ad packs you buy the quicker you aggrandise. So to purchase ad packs, you will click on ‘My banners’ On the left side column, go to ‘Set up new banner ad’ And fill in the campaign name, Target link and banner imagine. For the Target link you want to put your affiliate link from the Lead Lightning system into there. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to gold member on Lead Lightning to receive the Power Lead System as it is 100x more effective, and you can receive a much higher commission on selling the product, as well as so many more marketing features you could use to marketing your business or anyone else’s.

Here is the Video Set upHow to Set up Banner Ad with Traffic Monsoon to Advertise PLS


Once you have completed those steps, what you will then need to do is try and build your marketing prospect list, which is building a list of peoples emails that have subscribed to you. This will be extremely easy to do using the PLS (Power Lead System) So once you have upgraded, you are then going to create a sales funnel, to receive prospects, you can either use this link I was talking about on the video here: >Sales Funnel Link< or you can create your own by going onto ‘Websites’ On the PLS, then ‘My websites’ If you are on my team there will be already made websites and sales funnels you can use, or you can create your own, to create your own click ‘Create webpages’ ‘Custom template with opt’in forms’ pick your background layout you wish to use, then fill out the details, then you can edit text and review, We will have a video showing you what to do and how to create one, as well as creating a webpage.

Here’s the Video Set up: How to create Sales Funnels and Webpages on PLS.


Once you have created a sales funnel and webpages and inserted them into the banner campaigns, you must create an email campaign to email each prospect you receive, and depending on how many active sharing positions you have “Ad packs” You will receive more prospects and leads. Now to create the emailing campaign go to email/voice/text, go to emails and view/edit emails.

You can use our emailing campaigns if you are with our team, and you can edit them if you wish as well. Or you can create your own emails, so click onto create new campaign, you can set each day you wish your emails to be sent automatically, you can add more emails by clicking add new email to campaign and you can remove emails. a Good emailing campaign consists of about 5 or 6 emails, the more you have the better, but 5 is a decent amount to start with. Once you have the campaign, send it to every prospect, and once you start generating more money from Traffic Monsoon, earning just over $20 per day, you can start taking money from Saturday, out of your Traffic Monsoon profits to purchase clicks or Solo Ads from Udimi, which will generate a lot of leads/Prospects and even sales and Sign ups! And on Sundays you can start putting money from Traffic Monsoon into your pocket. Monday-Friday let the money accumulate so there is a pattern in which the ad packs expire.

It is recommended to create a twitter account, facebook and even blogs to help market your products or any other of your existing businesses. You can follow our twitter and facebook pages here: >Facebook Page< >Twitter Page<

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