The Law of Vacuum

The law of vacuum is a universal law that not many people are actually aware of. This universal law offers you the great opportunity to attain new things into your life. And the fantastic part is, is that you do not really have to do anything other than create the space for the new, that you want to enter your life.

The law of vacuum states that “all material forces of the universe abhor the vacuum and rush to fill each hole, opening, void, blank page, field of clarity or any empty moment with image, garbage, sound and fury often signifying nothing so precious as the original voidness. This law states that space allows movement, and that when all space is filled, the solidarity prevents further movement or growth. By reducing bit by bit the inappropriate and the unnecessary aspects of one’s lifestyle one can create the time, space, atmosphere and opportunities to move, grow, replenish and to rebuild on a more solid foundation. This law creates the spaces in which to place only the highest and only the best with the least amount of energy and expense”.

What this basically means is that if you have grown tired or find that you no longer find a need for certain things in your life, if you get rid of them in some way, such as giving to the less fortunate or even throwing the object or thing away, you will create a vacuum for another, better object of its kind to enter your life.

This law really does work and I have applied it to my life successfully. This law will allow you to do this with anything you desire, you just have to create the space, time and atmosphere for the next better opportunity or object to enter your life.

For a good example to see for yourself that the law of vacuum actually works, find a space in your garden or another area where you can dig a decently sized hole in the ground. Make sure you have easy access to this place to see it regularly. How you will see that the law of vacuum actually works is that over time once you have dug this hole, the universe and nature will start to fill the space you have created either with weeds, grass, flowers and even when it rains the dirt will flow into the hole and eventually the hole will disappear, thus because it was filled with the “new” that you had created the vacuum for.

Applying the law of vacuum to your life:

Having to learn how to let go of things, people and relationships that no longer serve you can be very hard for some people because of the fact most people are scared of change once placed in their comfort zone. However once you are able to ‘move on’ you will find that it makes space creates a vacuum and allows for the flow of much better to enter your life.



You can apply the law of vacuum to anything you want. For an example if you are wanting new clothes, then make room and clear out your closet of all the old clothes you no longer want and therefore you create a vacuum for the new clothes to enter your life.

The secret is to give what you wish to receive.

Start applying the law of vacuum to your life. It works and it is there for us to be used. Apply it for the good in your life and attract what it is that you desire. If it is money, open a savings account even if you have very little money. The law of vacuum won’t let it stay empty for long. The difference comes in at the fact that once you are AWARE of the law of vacuum and how it works that is when it starts to work for you. You are now conscious of this law and it will start to aid you. If you are conscious about what our wonderful universe has to offer us and you apply these laws and aspects to your life you will start to find that life becomes an absolute breeze. When applying these laws, start small! This way you prove to yourself that these laws work and then you have more belief and drive behind you when applying the law to the bigger aspects of life. As what you see and experience is what you believe and what you believe is what you create for yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about these universal laws, we have created a guide that will educate you and give you step by step guides as to how you can use and apply these laws.

Link :


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