Positivity and Why it is So Important


The way you think on a day to day basis is what determines the life that you will experience. Your continuous thoughts, beliefs, actions and words are what shape your life and the path that your life will take. This is why it is important to realise and take control of what you think, do and say.

Positivity is so extremely important for each and every one of us as positivity can and WILL lead your life in the direction you want it to go. You are what you think and you attract into your life undoubtedly the things and circumstances you continuously think about. Once you begin a thought process , those thoughts will cause you to speak about what it is you are thinking followed by you taking physical action towards achieving those thoughts.

Therefore a positive mindset is vital for your success in all ways, these being health, wealth, love, positivity, abundance and success as a whole. With a positive mindset anything becomes possible and allot easier in all ways. If you take business as an example and if you were to approach a business venture of some sort, thinking to yourself  the business venture will be difficult, you will experience more problems and bumps along the way as you view everything as being difficult. If you had to approach with a mindset telling yourself that it is simple you will find that you see the solutions in all the obstacles.

Positivity is so essential in the fact that in being positive it sends out a certain energy, vibration or frequency that attracts like energy, vibrations or frequencies into your life. This is what causes you to experience all the things that come your way into your personal life. Affecting you. The more positive thoughts, feelings and emotions you hold within you the easier, smoother and more abundant your personal life will become.

If we look at how snowflakes are formed with different vibrations from a person’s words we can the see effect the vibration or word said gives off into the world.

Proof That Our Thoughts Effect Physical Matter

Here is a link to a video giving you more examples of how words affect ice crystals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8

Looking at this picture we can see that our words are very powerful. It comes down to the fact that we say many many words during the course of each day, so we have to be conscious of what it is we are saying, thinking and doing. This is where we need to decide if what we are saying, thinking and doing is what we actually want for our lives ahead of us, as this is what we are attracting into our lives.

The Law of Attraction and Positivity works extremely well together. Combining these two things will create an even more amazing experience for you in your life. The more you apply these principles and laws to your life you begin to evolve and have a more pleasurable journey here on earth.

The reason behind this is because if you want to achieve something in your life you must visualise what it is that you want and view this in a positive light in every way, like your intention for this desire and what it will do for you. How it will better your life and how much better and positive you feel yourself, as this feeling attracts those circumstances. Holding a positive light above what you want allows the universe to supply you with the easiest steps toward achieving all those things you desire, as once you start applying yourself the universe takes note, or rather  the higher beings that surround us each day each minute each second take note. Thus giving you and enjoyable and successful journey.

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