The Spiritual Law of Karma

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Karma can also be referred to as the universal law of cause and effect. This means that whatever you think, do and say will ALWAYS come back to you in some sort of way as these are the energies you give out.

You get two types of karma, good karma and bad karma. Good karma is mostly measured in thoughtfulness, kindness, graciousness and doing good deeds. Bad karma can be measured in hate, anger, resentment and any other negative and damaging energies that you yourself may bring about. It is very important that you as a being realise the effect you have on yourself and the people around you. Once you start to monitor what you do you automatically raise your level of consciousness allowing yourself to further evolve.

Being able to monitor your thoughts and be thoughtful about what you think, say and do is a very big step in YOUR development as a being and soul. Your mindset plays a big role in the type of karma you receive in your life. If you have a negative mindset and don’t think you are good enough unfortunately Karma will bring circumstances into your life such as things and people that make you feel inferior or weak.

However if you have a positive mindset and think highly of yourself, that belief and karma will work hand in hand to supply your life with amazing things. You will find that life seems to provide you with happiness and wonderful opportunities and circumstances. YOU are in control of you own mindset so you have to take initiative and change your mindset if it is not serving you in the way you desire to be served. This process is a lot easier than many people think and there is always a way out and always a way to improve.


As you become more aware and conscious you raise your level of vibration. When you do this and your vibrations start to increase you will find that karma in both forms (depending on what you give out) returns faster and faster. The higher your vibration the faster karma will return. This can be referred to as “instant karma”. If you ever feel that you never get away with anything or feel that whatever you do comes straight back that is because you may be experiencing instant karma. YOU again are in control of the karma you receive or experience. Yes it can be very difficult to remain positive every second of every day as life is a balance and we will all experience the good and bad. It just comes down to how we react to what has happened that determines what we experience. You need darkness to see the stars.

If you find that you are positive or trying very hard to be positive but still feel you have bad karma, this could be because you have given out more negativity than positivity and this is now your karma returning to you. Many people will say that no they are not negative. But remember even your thoughts give out energy. Many people may be kind with their words but horrible with their thoughts and this can and will affect you. How you could resolve this is by changing your mindset. BY LOVING AND EMPOWERING OTHERS WE HEAL KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS.

The key to karma is the very well known saying “you reap what you sow” that is as simple as it gets.

Many people say that karma is not real and this could be because they find they do not experience karma. Karma will not pop up with a sign saying ‘hey this is your karma’ no. Karma can return in any way and often everything we experience is made up of our karma, as we create our own realities. When you have that person who is nasty and negative all the time yet we do not see them experiencing their bad karma… Karma will return when it needs to return. And often karma can build up and give you a lump sum of whatever you have been giving out. Everybody WILL experience their karma so help as many people learn about this as the problem often lies in the fact that people are not aware of this and how it works. We are given free will and it is your responsibility to take control of this free will as what you give you will get back.

Do good and receive good. Do bad and receive bad.

We have written a guide that will educate you on how to improve your mindset and life. It is extremely simple and very easy you just have to make the effort and try. This guide will give you the first few steps toward a positive and rewarding life.

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