Understanding us and What We want to Achieve

What we are about

We as our small group, made up of me, Dylan Vorster and my partner Tristam Ribeiro-Will came to realise what our world was coming to and decided that we wanted to do something about it. The hate the anger the disgust the suffering the poverty and so much more negativity has been striking us all over the world.

This is not what our planet is supposed to be made up of. We are ALL supposed to be experiencing the everyday beauty of this lovely planet we are so blessed with. There is such a vast amount of abundance, beauty and love around us yet we cannot see it for ourselves because we have for so long been mislead by arrogant, pride and money driven beings who want to control our world. Well guess what… this world is not yours to rule. So join us in making this world a better place or piss off?

For way too long innocent and loving human beings have and still are suffering because of the greed of man. The greed of the people we are supposed to look up to and admire. The people we trust our lives with to “successfully” run our economies and countries. What bullshit.

It is time for humanity as a whole to come to this realisation… The realisation that these people are corrupt and only worry about themselves. The realisation that if our world is in their hands for any longer they will run this place into the dirt. They have already begun and it is absolutely disgusting. Who gives them the right to do this? They have a heart (arguable) they breathe they eat they shit. They are just like us and we are equal whether they believe it or not. Whether WE believe it or not.

We are here to help as many people as possible change the way they have been forced to live. We are here to spread love and kindness and slowly but surely nurture this world back to how it was supposed to be in the first place. We are here to share secrets that have been hidden and kept away from us for so long. We are here to give every single one of you a fighting chance to better the way you live, to allow you the chance to find prosperity and abundance followed by YOUR success.

Join us in the war between hate and kindness and help us achieve the true form of success, the form of success that will turn this world around and create a kinder, giving and more enjoyable place to live in. Help yourselves achieve your own deserved form of success. Don’t fall victim to the system that has been created to enslave us. You have free will and you can do whatever the heaven you want to do! Follow your heart and follow your passions as this is where you will find ease and happiness.

Join us and let’s make a difference!


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