The Law of Attraction


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This is one of the secrets that have been kept from humanity by the viruses that live among us. This is one of the most simple and effective laws that our beautiful universe supplies us with. The reason this law or secret has been kept from us is because the people who run our planet are so shit scared of the power that this law gives us.

This one simple law can change everything we know and live by. This law gives YOU the opportunity to create whatever it is you desire in your life. From wealth to love. This law proves to you that you are the creator of your own destiny. By using this law you can follow your passions and make a success of everything you lay your magical fingers on. This law is the future.

This law derives from the very well known scientific term “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE”. This means that whatever you give out and do will ALWAYS come back to you as life is balance and works in a circular motion. This law also works hand in hand with the spiritual law of karma.

How the law of attraction works:

  • ASK

The universe offers us untold amounts of opportunity, prosperity and abundance. Thus giving each and every one of us a fantastic chance to make huge successes of our lives. What is so magical about this law is that it does not determine your future based on your “education” therefore providing even the poorest and most poverty stricken people a chance to take a bite out of life. A bite that will provide them with the opportunity to never go hungry and never go thirsty another day in their lives.

How you apply the law of attraction is to think about what it is you crave and desire from life. To think about these things in the most positive and rewarding ways. Just by thinking about these things your thoughts give off energy. Everything around us and in us is energy. Your thought sends out an energetic vibration into the universe and as this vibration travels it attracts energy and vibrations of the same frequency and kind. So basically what you think of you attract into your life, whether it’s positive or negative so be careful of what you let run through your mind. Your words are also extremely powerful and also give off huge amounts of energy. Speaking about the things you want “speeds” up the attraction process. Be sure to think and speak extremely positively about yourself and the life you want to live.

Emotion plays a big role in the law of attraction too. When you think about the things you want in life and visualise these things you are supposed to feel the emotion that having this desire will give you. By doing this the universe knows what to give you in order for you to feel those emotions once again and eventually for real.

The law of attraction does not give you the things you want by letting those things just pop up into your life. NO. What the law of attraction does for you is supply you with opportunities that will enable you to have and achieve the things you are so badly wanting. For example, If you are wanting a new car but this car is too expensive for the time being, when you apply the law of attraction for this car, one of the ways it can bring that to you is by bringing the opportunity to move to a better paying job that will then allow you to afford the car you are wanting. This is just one of the many ways the law of attraction can assist your life.

If you are interested in learning more about the law of attraction, we have written a small guide that provides you with the very important information as well as shows you the steps on how to apply the law of attraction.

Go to this link to purchase a guide :

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